Automating Your Technology™

Keaco can provide automated packaging solutions for small medical devices, ointments, pharmaceuticals, personal care items and diagnostic testing. Keaco can produce carrier tapes with or without sprocket holes while maintaining tight tolerances on sequentially spaced pockets. This high level of precision is needed to insure success for your automated medical device packaging process. Our carrier tape can also be custom designed and used for medical applications that need to be sterilized, filled and then heat sealed with a peelable medical grade foil or Tyvek® lid stock.

Contact Keaco today to discuss your medical packaging applications and to explore our innovative packaging ideas. Tyvek® is a registered trademark of du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Problem = Solution...

A major manufacturer of medical diagnostic products required a custom designed mixing well for one of their product lines. The mixing well was to be precisely located in a continuous form in order to automate their sterilization and manufacturing process. The mixing well required specific characteristics such as the ability to withstand a stringent sterilization process. read more

Problem = Solution...

A manufacturer of high volume medical tests needed an automated packaging system that would easily integrate into their current system. The system they required needed to meet stringent requirements for packaging and quality. read more