Automating Your Technology™

Keaco can help your company automate any mid to high volume manufactured product that is small in size and needs to be singular. We have successfully engineered innovative automated packaging solutions for a wide variety of manufactured products including pins, springs, metal stampings, lenses, plastic parts, felt stampings and small assemblies. During our brainstorming and design phases we will utilize our Automated Packaging Solution (APS) analysis to target the most cost effective way to achieve your automation goals.

Then we can provide a solution in the form of a continuous strip of plastic carrier tape with sequentially spaced and custom designed pockets that are used for automated part loading and unloading. The packaged product can then either be wound onto a reel for shipment or cut into individual units based on your requirements. Contact Keaco today to discuss your automation needs for your unique product.

Problem = Solution...

A manufacturer of alarm systems needed an automated method to package, store, transport, and load custom flat-head pins for final assembly. We were tasked with the development of an effective, automated packaging solution for this line of custom pins. The system needed features such as a very small footprint, automated packaging and unloading, and provide protection for the pins during storage and transit to their assembly factory.

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