Taping Systems

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Keaco distributes Q Corporation taping systems. These taping systems are ideal for placing components into Keaco carrier tape pockets, sealing them with Keapak™ cover tape and then winding the loaded devices onto a Keapak™ SMD reel. For over 40 years, Q Corporation has provided world class equipment and superior service to the electronics industry. Their goal has always been to provide their customers with the most economical equipment solution to improve their bottom line.

Why choose Q Corporation taping systems?

  • Manual and automated taping systems available
  • Models available for taping 8mm to 152mm wide carrier tapes
  • Manual taping machines feature no dedicated tooling which provides for quick and easy changeovers
  • Automated machines can utilize stack tube feed or a vibratory bowl feeder
  • All models seal both heat activated or pressure sensitive (PSA) cover tapes
  • Micro adjustable sealers provide accurate seal location
  • Smooth work surface to provide ease of placement into carrier tape pockets
  • Parts counters and peel force testers available

Problem = Solution...

A manufacturer of electrical components for the automotive industry had a bottle neck in one of their manufacturing lines. They needed to achieve one piece flow in a high volume production line; the bottle neck was in the packaging portion. Their current system could not keep up to the rate of production.
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