Case Studies

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Complete Turn-key Automated Parts Packaging System for the Automotive Industry


A manufacturer of electrical components for the automotive industry had a bottle neck in one of their manufacturing lines. They needed to achieve one piece flow in a high volume production line; the bottle neck was in the packaging portion. Their current system could not keep up to the rate of production.


We developed a solution that seamlessly integrated with the customer’s in-line manufacturing process, and utilizes our innovative pocket tape technology. Utilizing Keaco’s Custom APS (automated packaging solution); we developed a fully integrated system that provided the customer with a robust packing and counting system.
After the manufacturing process, finished parts exit the QC gate onto a synchronized conveyer belt. Synchronization was achieved by programmed the customers equipment to release the connectors at evenly spaced, uniform increments and orientation. A robotic arm then picks the connectors off the line and places them into Keaco pocket tape, which is then sealed with a cover tape, and placed into Keaco boxes.
This new packaging system added new efficiency to this manufacturing process, eliminating the need for additional labor and floor space. To learn more about this project, or the processes and equipment used to create it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Name High Volume Packaging Solution Process
Product Description This is an Automated High Volume Part Packaging System developed as a part of the manufacturing process.
Capabilities applied/Processes
  • Keaco’s Custom APS (Automated Packaging Solution) Analysis
  • Conveyor Belt synchronized with client’s equipment
  • Parts Picking Robotic Arm
Equipment/Products Used to Manufacture System Keaco Pocket Tape
Customized “Q-Corporation QMT-1500 Automated Taping System”
KEAPak Cover Tape
KEAPak 13″ Reels
Keaco Boxes
Additional Facts All equipment & commodities provided by Keaco after the connector is verified by QC.
In process testing/inspection performed Part Counting
Cover Tape Peel Force Testing
Industry for Use Automotive
Delivery Location United States
Standards Met Customer Specifications, EIA 481D