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This process of using tape and reel to pack SMD's is called pocket tape packaging that works by loading them in pockets that have pocket tapes. Apart form pocket tape packaging, another technique uses surf tape that has an adhesive back layer. A different method that effectively packs goods is the high volume packaging. High volume packaging aims at packaging the goods in a systematic manner to reduce the empty space, This controls the packaging material and associated costs. Contact Keaco to get the best pocket tape packaging and high volume packaging procedures to give your business a profitable boost.


Keaco LLC - Electronics
Keaco is an industry leader in supplying carrier tape, cover tape, SMD reels and related products for automated packaging of electronic devices. More


Keaco LLC - Manufacturing
Any small product that is manufactured in high volume and needs to be singular is a good candidate for pocket tape. More


Keaco LLC - Medical
Small medical devices, ointments, pharmaceuticals, personal care items and diagnostic testing kits are ideal uses for pocket tapes or thermoformed containers. More