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Keaco’s ARIDPAK™ “ROUND CLAY” desiccants are used to absorb moisture inside our ARIDPAK™ moisture barrier bags after vacuum sealing. These non dusting desiccants can also be used in a wide variety of industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, food as well as many other applications.

Why choose ARIDPAK™ “ROUND CLAY” desiccants?

  • Activated “round clay” desiccants create a packet that is smoother and less likely to puncture moisture barrier bags when compared with standard granular clay
  • Round clay desiccants absorb more moisture than granular clay
  • ARIDPAK™ desiccants will absorb 50% more moisture than required by MIL-D3464E, whereas silica gel will only absorb 3.5% more than required
  • Packaged in non dusting Tyvek® packets
  • Available in 1 and 2 unit sizes
  • Desiccants are packaged in a bag that is re-sealable with a twist tie and placed into a sealed tin container
  • Humidity indicator card included to verify desiccant activation
  • ARIDPAK™ desiccants can be regenerated
  • Activated clay desiccant meet MIL-D-3464E and MIL-P-116E
  • Inexpensive
  • In stock and available for immediate shipment

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Tyvek® is a registered trademark of du Pont de Nemours and Company