Component Packaging Services

Automating Your Technology™


Keaco offers component packaging services for our customers that request subcontract packaging of their products. Keaco can provide our component packaging service to insert parts or devices into Keaco produced carrier tapes sealed with KEAPAK™ cover tapes then wrapped onto KEAPAK™ SMD reels. Additional services include dry packing the loaded SMD reels inside our ARIDPAK™ moisture barrier bags by inserting the proper amount of ARIDPAK™ desiccants along with a cobalt dichloride free humidity indicator card. We can also offer customized automated packaging solutions for new products and/or unique applications.

Why choose KEACO packaging / taping services?

  • Manual and automated taping systems available
  • We conduct peel force testing for proper adherence of KEAPAK™ cover tape
  • We offer dry packing services utilizing Keaco’s own complete line of products
  • Saves time and associated shipping costs of empty supplies
  • Keaco offers our Automated Packaging Solution (APS) analysis
  • We can provide drop shipments to your customers
  • Keaco consistently completes our taping / packaging services on time

Problem = Solution...

A high volume manufacturer of consumer goods contracted us to develop a contract packaging solution for one of their products that was experiencing tremendous growth. Their volumes had virtually quadrupled overnight far exceeding their internal capabilities to package the product. read more

Problem = Solution...

A startup company came to Keaco for a contract packaging solution for their newly created consumer product. The company needed a plastic lid sealed to the bottom of a small plastic bottle holding their unique ingredients. They wanted the plastic lid sealed hermetically but did not want the plastic lid to be adhesively attached. read more