Carrier Tapes Reel

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Keaco carrier tapes are designed to package, protect and present components to pick and place machines for automatic handling. Keaco is an expert in matching the correct material and thickness for your particular application. Our carrier tapes are designed to insure the absolute best physical and ESD protection of each and every device. We have the broadest range of capabilities to produce the best carrier tape for each application. We utilize rotary forming machines for 8mm and 12mm low cost carrier tapes, multi lane machines for high volume, flatbed machines for standard or intricate pockets, Plug Assist (PA) forming for strong deep pockets and our new High Definition (HD) forming for absolutely sharp pocket corners with flat pocket bottoms or when reduced tolerances are required.

Why choose Keaco carrier tapes?

  • 8mm – 104mm carrier tape widths made from a variety of materials
  • Our experts will design your pockets
  • Keaco carrier tape manufacturer provides rapid tool turns
  • Close partitions available
  • Intricate pocket designs for complete component protection
  • Plug Assist (PA) forming for strong deep pockets
  • High Definition (HD) male form die forming for sharp corners, flat bottoms and/or reduced tolerances
  • 100% in process pocket inspection
  • Critical dimensions are checked and monitored at regular intervals and recorded
  • Your choice of either single or cross wound supply tape and reel
  • → ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • NAFTA compliant and made in the USA
  • Keaco embossed carrier tape meet the current EIA-481 and EIA-541 standards
  • We guarantee our products

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Problem = solution…

Our customers products have evolved over the years and so have our manufacturing processes. To support these changes we’ve developed a “High Definition Forming” process that is used when precision pockets are required. This process can be utilized on our rotary forming or our step and repeat forming equipment. The concept behind this manufacturing method is that the pocket is created by a male form die, which is pushed into the material, rather than the material being pushed into a female die. Read More