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Development of High Definition and Plug Assist Forming Processes

Our customers products have evolved over the years and so have our manufacturing processes. To support these changes we’ve developed a “High Definition Forming” process that is used when precision pockets are required. This process can be utilized on our rotary forming or our step and repeat forming equipment. The concept behind this manufacturing method is that the pocket is created by a male form die, which is pushed into the material, rather than the material being pushed into a female die. The end result is a pocket with sharp inside corners, a flat bottom, and incredibly consistent wall thickness throughout the pocket. This type of carrier tape is great for square or rectangular parts that have sharp corners or when ever greater precision is required.

To produce carrier tapes with deep complex pockets that are amazingly strong Keaco has developed a “Plug Assist” forming process. The plug assists forming process works by pushing the material into the female form die and then a puff of air finishes out the features of the pocket. The end product is a carrier tape with deep strong pockets that exhibits a much thicker wall thickness at the bottom of the pocket. Carrier tapes made with the plug assist process are ideal for connectors or any deep pockets where enhanced structural integrity is needed.
To learn more about these processes, see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Name High Definition and Plug Assist Forming Process
Product Description These processes were developed to produce a wider range of precision pocket types regardless of depth or tolerance requirements.
Capabilities applied/Processes In-House R&D
Process Selection Criteria HD Forming: When precision, consistency, and tighter tolerances are most important. Or if a client is placing multiple parts into the pockets simultaneously for greater production speeds – the precision pocket location is imperative.PA Forming: When depth of the pocket is close to or over twice the length or the width of the pocket.
Tightest Tolerances HD Forming : +/-.05mm
PA Forming : +/-.10mm
Material Used Any thermoformable plastic roll stock
In process testing/inspection performed 100% of the pockets are inspected by vision inspection, mechanical inspection, sprocket-hole detection, or vacuum detection systems.
Industry for Use Electronics, Consumer, Medical, & Industrial
Delivery/Turnaround Time 2 Weeks ARO
Delivery Location World Wide
Standards Met Customer Specifications