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Development of a Continuous Tape Solution for Flat-Head Pins


A manufacturer of alarm systems needed an automated method to package, store, transport, and load custom flat-head pins for final assembly. We were tasked with the development of an effective, automated packaging solution for this line of custom pins. The system needed features such as a very small footprint, automated packaging, and unloading, and provide protection for the pins during storage and transit to their assembly factory.


We developed a very unique continuous tape solution, which was tailored specifically to this application. We designed a custom in-line punch die producing holes in multiple rows that are precisely sequenced for an automated assembly process. The form die was also designed with spacer wells to protect the packaged product. We utilized the tape to package the pins close together in order to save on material, but still work with maximizing the speed of their pick and place machine. The pins were then covered with KEAPAK™ cover tape before the pocket tape is loaded on to KEAPAK™ 13″ Reels keeping the pins secure and consistently in place ready for immediate unloading without any additional processes. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to develop it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Name Continuous, Custom Punched Pocket Tape
Product Description Continuous pocket tape with multiple rows of holes with protective side-wells.
Capabilities applied/Processes Requirements :

  • Multiple pins packaged in a small surface area
  • Protect the pins
  • Line up the pins in a sequenced format for automated pick and place


  • Designed custom punch to create rows of holes in the tape
  • Pins are inserted into the holes and dangle from their flat-head top
  • The pins are covered with KEAPAK™ Cover Tape and wound on to KEAPAK™ 13″ Reels
  • The tape layers lay on the side wells as they are wound on to the reel allowing for plenty of room for the pins to remain safely in place.
  • Reels are put into boxes and shipped to the client’s assembly plant.
  • Tape is inserted into the pick-and-place machine and a robot arm pulls the pin out of the hole and loads into the client’s product assembly.
Equipment/Products Used to Manufacture Systems Inline, precision thermoforming machine with a custom punch
Overall Part Dimensions 72mm wide pocket tape
Tightest Tolerances +/- .1mm
Material Used .45mm thick x 72mm wide – KEASTAT™ I.S. Polystyrene
Material Finish Matte Finish to reduce glare for vision systems
In process testing/inspection performed 100% pocket inspection w/ measurements logged & lot traceability
Industry for Use Industrial
Volume 320,000 units released per shipment
Delivery/Turnaround Time 2 Weeks ARO
Delivery Location Assembled in the US and distributed worldwide
Standards Med Customer Specifications