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Custom Designed Mixing Well for Medical Diagnostics


A major manufacturer of medical diagnostic products required a custom designed mixing well for one of their product lines. The mixing well was to be precisely located in a continuous form in order to automate their sterilization and manufacturing process. The mixing well required specific characteristics such as the ability to withstand a stringent sterilization process. It also required a pocket without weakness or holes (to avoid any potential leaking), and the ability to be cut into individual units, then be inserted into a paperboard sleeve.


After evaluating their processes and the chemicals used in the test, we designed a custom pocket and made automated pocket tape samples out of white HIPS material. The new system allows the customer to send the tape through their automated sterilization process in-house, then to die-cut between the pockets into individual wells before placing them into the test packaging. Keaco currently manufactures over 3 million units annually for this customer. For more information, see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Name Custom Designed Pocket Tape Solution
Product Description Cross-wound, continuous pocketed tape solution. Designed to load test devices for an automated packaging process leading to singularization.
Capabilities applied/Processes Design:

  • Keaco Custom APS Analysis
  • Keaco Designed Custom Thermoformed Pocket Tape Solution
  • This Design Provided Strength & Rigidity to Protect Device
  • Product design meets the precision requirements in their automated packaging process.

Enabled Client to be able to:

  • Package Product in Continuous Format
  • Cover the Pocket with Our Cover Tape
  • Die Cut Compartments Individually
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Inline, precision thermoforming machine
Tightest Tolerances +/- .1mm
Material Used White HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) Rollstock Material
Material Finish Matte Finish
Additional Facts
  • End product used worldwide in doctor’s offices and in the field to test for a specific medical condition
  • Precision tape solution that is not sprocket driven
In process testing/inspection performed 100% pocket inspection w/ measurements logged & lot traceability
 Industry for Use Medical
Volume 3 million + Annually
Delivery Location Assembled in the US and distributed worldwide
Standards Met Customer Specifications