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Custom Thermoformed Pocket Tape Solution for the Medical Products Industry


A manufacturer of high volume medical tests needed an automated packaging system that would easily integrate into their current system. The system they required needed to meet stringent requirements for packaging and quality.

Their product, a small medical test kit designed for direct consumer use, needed to have one component of the kit packaged separately. This component needed to be packaged in plastic in order to protect it from physical damage during packaging, storage and shipping, and be distributed as individual containers to their customers. Above all they required 100% accuracy and consistency, and since this product is distributed in the largest drug stores throughout the US, they require the packaging to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.


Keaco designed a custom thermoformed pocket tape solution for the device to be packaged. The material and design offered the strength and rigidity required to protect their device physically. It also met the cleanliness and ESD requirements.

In addition, we were able to help implement a “die-cutter” into their process so that after they packaged the products in a continuous format, covered the pocket with our cover tape, they could then die cut the compartments individually in a shape that was acceptable for them to present to the consumer. Our packaging can be found at virtually all drug stores. We are currently producing over 4.6 million units annually for this project.

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Product Name Custom Designed Pocket Tape Solution
Product Description Cross-wound, continuous pocketed tape solution. Designed to load test devices for an automated packaging process leading to singularization.
Capabilities applied/Processes Design:

  • Keaco Custom APS Analysis
  • Keaco Designed Custom Thermoformed Pocket Tape Solution
  • This Design Provided Strength & Rigidity to Protect Device
  • Product design meets the precision requirements in their automated packaging process.

Enabled Client to be able to:

  • Package Product in Continuous Format
  • Cover the Pocket with Our Cover Tape
  • Die Cut Compartments Individually
Equipment/Products  Used to Manufacture System Inline, precision thermoforming machine
Materials Used Roll-Fed, Black Polystyrene
Material Finish Matte finish reducing glare for vision systems.
Additional Facts
  • Package material & designed not only met technical specs but also aesthetic requirements for the consumer.
  • Met Cleanliness Requirements.
In process testing/inspection performed 100% pocket inspection w/ measurements logged & lot traceability
 Industry for Use Medical & Consumer Products
Volume 4.6 million units annually
Delivery Location Packaged in the US and distributed worldwide
Standards Met Customer Specifications