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Development of High Definition and Plug Assist Forming Processes

Our customers products have evolved over the years and so have our manufacturing processes. To support these changes we've developed a "High Definition Forming" process that is used when precision pockets are required. This process can be utilized on our rotary forming or our step and repeat forming equipment. The concept behind this manufacturing method is that the pocket is created by a male form die, which is pushed into the material, rather than the material being pushed into a female die. The end result is a pocket with sharp inside corners, a flat bottom, and incredibly consistent wall thickness throughout the pocket. This type of carrier tape is great for square or rectangular parts that have sharp corners or when ever greater precision is required.

To produce carrier tapes with deep complex pockets that are amazingly strong Keaco has developed a "Plug Assist" forming process. The plug assists forming process works by pushing the material into the female form die and then a puff of air finishes out the features of the pocket. The end product is a carrier tape with deep strong pockets that exhibits a much thicker wall thickness at the bottom of the pocket. Carrier tapes made with the plug assist process are ideal for connectors or any deep pockets where enhanced structural integrity is needed.
To learn more about these processes, see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Name High Definition and Plug Assist Forming Process
Product Description These processes were developed to produce a wider range of precision pocket types regardless of depth or tolerance requirements.
Capabilities applied/Processes In-House R&D
Process Selection Criteria HD Forming: When precision, consistency, and tighter tolerances are most important. Or if a client is placing multiple parts into the pockets simultaneously for greater production speeds – the precision pocket location is imperative.

PA Forming: When depth of the pocket is close to or over twice the length or the width of the pocket.

Tightest Tolerances HD Forming : +/-.05mm
PA Forming : +/-.10mm
Material Used Any thermoformable plastic roll stock
In process testing/inspection performed 100% of the pockets are inspected by vision inspection, mechanical inspection, sprocket-hole detection, or vacuum detection systems.
Industry for Use Electronics, Consumer, Medical, & Industrial
Delivery/Turnaround Time 2 Weeks ARO
Delivery Location World Wide
Standards Met Customer Specifications



Complete Turn-key Automated Parts Packaging System for the Automotive Industry


A manufacturer of electrical components for the automotive industry had a bottle neck in one of their manufacturing lines. They needed to achieve one piece flow in a high volume production line; the bottle neck was in the packaging portion. Their current system could not keep up to the rate of production.


We developed a solution that seamlessly integrated with the customer's in-line manufacturing process, and utilizes our innovative pocket tape technology. Utilizing Keaco's Custom APS (automated packaging solution); we developed a fully integrated system that provided the customer with a robust packing and counting system.
After the manufacturing process, finished parts exit the QC gate onto a synchronized conveyer belt. Synchronization was achieved by programmed the customers equipment to release the connectors at evenly spaced, uniform increments and orientation. A robotic arm then picks the connectors off the line and places them into Keaco pocket tape, which is then sealed with a cover tape, and placed into Keaco boxes.
This new packaging system added new efficiency to this manufacturing process, eliminating the need for additional labor and floor space. To learn more about this project, or the processes and equipment used to create it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Name High Volume Packaging Solution Process
Product Description This is an Automated High Volume Part Packaging System developed as a part of the manufacturing process.
Capabilities applied/Processes
  • Keaco's Custom APS (Automated Packaging Solution) Analysis
  • Conveyor Belt synchronized with client's equipment
  • Parts Picking Robotic Arm
Equipment/Products Used to Manufacture System Keaco Pocket Tape
Customized "Q-Corporation QMT-1500 Automated Taping System"
KEAPak Cover Tape
KEAPak 13" Reels
Keaco Boxes
Additional Facts All equipment & commodities provided by Keaco after the connector is verified by QC.
In process testing/inspection performed

Part Counting
Cover Tape Peel Force Testing

Industry for Use Automotive
Delivery Location United States
Standards Met Customer Specifications, EIA 481D

Automation Consulting for a Contract Packaging Solution for the Consumer Industry


A high volume manufacturer of consumer goods contracted us to develop a contract packaging solution for one of their products that was experiencing tremendous growth. Their volumes had virtually quadrupled overnight far exceeding their internal capabilities to package the product.


We quickly conducted a thorough evaluation of the client's needs using our custom APS (Automated Packaging Solution) Analysis. Following the analysis we developed a highly automated process that would enable Keaco to contract package the product both quickly and efficiently. We presented the option to the client through a detailed consultation. The consultation process resulted in selecting the appropriate machinery and manpower needed, while optimizing existing equipment and facilities. To learn more about this project or the processes used to complete, see the table below or contact us directly.

Service Name Automation Consulting
Service Description Consulting service to help our customers automate their packaging process.
Capabilities applied/Processes APS (Automated Packaging Solution) Analysis :
- Identify Client Needs :
  • Volume
  • Precision & Handling Requirements
  • Speed Requirements
  • Space Requirements
  • Budget
- Research & Develop Client Solution
  • Machinery/Manpower
  • Materials
  • Process Flow
- Consult & Quote Solution
In process testing/inspection performed Visual
Industry for Use Consumer

Over 5.2 million units packaged annually

Delivery Location Packaged in San Antonio, Distributed nationwide
Standards Met Customer Specifications

Custom Designed Mixing Well for Medical Diagnostics


A major manufacturer of medical diagnostic products required a custom designed mixing well for one of their product lines. The mixing well was to be precisely located in a continuous form in order to automate their sterilization and manufacturing process. The mixing well required specific characteristics such as the ability to withstand a stringent sterilization process. It also required a pocket without weakness or holes (to avoid any potential leaking), and the ability to be cut into individual units, then be inserted into a paperboard sleeve.


After evaluating their processes and the chemicals used in the test, we designed a custom pocket and made automated pocket tape samples out of white HIPS material. The new system allows the customer to send the tape through their automated sterilization process in-house, then to die-cut between the pockets into individual wells before placing them into the test packaging. Keaco currently manufactures over 3 million units annually for this customer. For more information, see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Name Custom Designed Pocket Tape Solution
Product Description Cross-wound, continuous pocketed tape solution. Designed to load test devices for an automated packaging process leading to singularization.
Capabilities applied/Processes


  • Keaco Custom APS Analysis
  • Keaco Designed Custom Thermoformed Pocket Tape Solution
  • This Design Provided Strength & Rigidity to Protect Device
  • Product design meets the precision requirements in their automated packaging process.

Enabled Client to be able to:

  • Package Product in Continuous Format
  • Cover the Pocket with Our Cover Tape
  • Die Cut Compartments Individually
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Inline, precision thermoforming machine
Tightest Tolerances +/- .1mm
Material Used White HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) Rollstock Material
Material Finish Matte Finish
Additional Facts
  • End product used worldwide in doctor's offices and in the field to test for a specific medical condition
  • Precision tape solution that is not sprocket driven
In process testing/inspection performed 100% pocket inspection w/ measurements logged & lot traceability
 Industry for Use Medical
Volume 3 million + Annually
Delivery Location Assembled in the US and distributed worldwide
Standards Met Customer Specifications



Multiple Lane Carrier Tape Forming Process for the Electronics Industry


A manufacturer of electronic components needed a cost effective carrier tape solution for the high volume requirements of three of their key product lines. The solution had to be produced in North America for a number of reasons; they needed to avoid the high logistical costs associated with Asian suppliers. Plus a domestic supplier would also be better able to implement and support their JIT initiatives.


Carrier Tape equipmentWe analyzed the situation and developed a multiple lane carrier tape forming process that nearly quadrupled the speed of manufacturing. This new process utilized a precise cam driven material advancement system with up to four lanes of forming capabilities, as opposed to the one lane that they had been using.

The new high speed multi-lane forming machine featured punching, vision inspection, slitting and options for single or cross winding the completed carrier tape.

It was also able to meet the customer's high volume consistency and accuracy requirements with production speeds of up to 900 meters per hour and nearly 5,000,000 meters production capacity per machine annually. For more information, see the table below or contact us directly.

Service Name High Speed, Multi-lane Forming Machine
Service Description
  • Up to 4 lanes of production
  • Cam driven
  • Precise forming
  • Quadruple Cross-winding capabilities
  • High Speed with low operator requirements
Capabilities applied/Processes

Project Requirements:

  • Needed 1 machine to be able to do the work of 4 standard forming machines, yet keep the same amount of operator involvement as a standard former requires
  • Multiple lane output lowers the material waste
  • Increases speed and output
  • Consistent and Accurate pocket formation
  • Vision inspection system requires 100% product inspection so there is no compromise on quality
  • All processes done inline including slitting, forming and winding
  • High speed + low material wastage + low operator involvement allows us to price the product very competitively to compete against overseas prices
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Can produce 3 lanes of 16mm wide tape at one time
  • Can produce 4 lanes of 12mm wide tape at one time
Tightest Tolerances

Able to produce tape holding a +/-.10mm tolerance

Material used in Machine Production

KEASTAT™ I.S. Polystyrene or Carbon Polycarbonate

In Process testing/inspection performed Machine has an inline vision inspection system monitoring 100% of the formed pockets
Industry for Use Electronics, Consumer, Medical and Industrial
Volume Up to 5 million meters annually per machine
Standards Met Customer Specifications, produces product adhering to the current EIA 481 standard




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